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March 28, 2008




It isn't the least bit ridiculous.

I wish knew what the right thing to say was, what would be comforting and reassuring and make things all better.


because I never say it enough, I love you sis. You are awesome and this will somehow all work out.

If you ever need to rant, I am always here.


Hang in there. It WILL happen. I was in the same boat you were in. I went off the pill and thought for sure it would happen soon because all the women in my family are Fertile Mertles. I waited and waited. 14 months later, it finally happened. As long as you've been to the doctor to have yourself and your husband checked out to make sure you are both fine reproductive-wise, it will happen. Expecting it each month is just setting yourself up for disappointment and unneeded stress. Maybe try to focus on something else for a while. Don't lose the faith. Good luck!


You know I understand completely. If you ever want to talk to someone who has been there you know how to find me.


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